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*Updated 16/12/14 – 12 months accrual for minimum $50 DIV instead of 15 months!

I’ve been an ardent fan of Citibank Dividend Card since I received this card more than 5 years ago. The cashback rebate of 2% for dining has always been very good in my opinion, and when I started driving, the 5% rebate for petrol at Esso (total savings 21++% – will discuss in another post) has been the highest in the market.

However, when I was browsing the Citibank website and checking out the features of this card as well as looking out for new promotions, I realised that they have made some significant changes without direct notification!

Managed to see the change? In order to qualify for 5% rebate for petrol and 2% for dining, you need to make a minimum spend of $50, if not you will receive the usual 0.5%. Unless one’s spending is limited to a handful of transactions a month, it is impossible to sit down and spend time looking through the bill and look at the breakdown of the amount of rebate per transaction. In any case, you need to accumulate $50 of rebate before this amount will be credited back to your credit card bill. Thankfully, you have 15 12 (as of Feb 2014) months from the date of accrual to accumulate $50 or else it will expire.

On the bright side,  you can get 5% more cash back using the VISA signature dividend card at Giant, Cold Storage, Guardian, Marketplace, Starbucks etc if you use paywave. Promotion ends 31 Dec 2012. (p.s. remember to spend more than $50 at these places!)

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