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What is Phewtick?
Phewtick, “the meet-up diary,” is an app that records everyday meet-ups and you get paid for doing it.

How can you make money?
There are only three simple steps for you to start earning money.

■STEP 1: Meet!
When you meet your friends,relatives or just any stranger, get them to download and start using Phewtick!

■STEP 2: Scan QR!
After opening Phewtick, you will see your own QR code. Either show this code and let them scan, or scan others’ code by yourself. Either way will work. The QR code will be automatically detected when it is within view of the camera.

■STEP 3: Get Meet-up Points!
You get points each time for scanning and recording meet-ups. The points you get are random but you tend to get higher points if both users are new. You can scan your friend’s QR code on an hourly basis but repeated scanning will usually yield less than 100 points per scan.

After all these effort, the points you accumulated can be exchanged into cash and credited into your Paypal account only. There is a minimum number of points of 24,000 (Approx 31.61SGD) required to cash out and a 15% commission will apply.

***CAUTION ***

It is tempting to find ways to go around the system and gain points quickly. However, please be warned that ALL meet-ups MUST be recorded Face-to-Face. If Phewtick detects that the points are earned fraudulently by  creating unknown accounts, disguising location data, or scanning QR codes through photo sharing, your cash out request may be denied. All your points may be deducted or your account will be banned.

Here is a demo of how it works:

Note: This is a older version of Phewtick. Certain features are not available on Phewtick in Singapore.

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