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In order to become richer, one has to learn how to save money first. There are many stock brokers in Singapore, and you commonly see them ply their trades during trade fairs such as Sitex & Comex. Apart from the reputation and the types of services they provide (including the ease of trading with mobile trading platforms), one has to consider the commission charged as that can substantially affect your profits over time. I’ve done a comparison of the stock brokers in Singapore, and at a glance, it is not difficult to see that most of them have a similar structure with a minimum commission fee.

The lowest in the market would be Standard Chartered Online Trading & DBS Vickers (Cash Upfront) account. As you realise, these 2 accounts offer a lower commission as they require you to provide capital upfront instead of the usual T+3 settlement. And between the two, if you buy multiple small trades, Standard Chartered would be preferred as they have no minimum fee. However, please bear in mind that the Stanchart account is a custodian account, so technically you do not own the shares as they are not in your CDP, and so if one day, Stanchart should collapse, then you will be left with nothing. Otherwise, they do give you the dividends that you are entired to.

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  1. Excllent comparision .

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