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The supermarkets of today have replaced the mama-shops of yesteryears. Apart from the larger variety of goods including some specialties from overseas such as exclusive Japanese products in Meidi-ya and Cold Storage specialty stores, they can also offer substancial savings in the form of rebates when you pay with credit card. Note that other cards like AMEX which offers 10x points have been excluded as we are focusing on just rebates, and OCBC-NTUC has been excluded as the rebates are mainly for household items. Last but not least, since Carrefour is leaving Singapore, POSB Everyday has also been dropped from this list.

Did you even know that there were so many cards offering rebates for supermarket shopping? However, one has to be careful as each card caries its own terms & conditions hidden in that little asterisk, and you need to read through those carefully. What’s worse is that certain banks (which shall not be named) have the habit of changing their terms and conditions without informing the cardmembers!

Looking at the list, for big time spenders, Citibank SMRT rebate card offers the highest rebate of 5%+2%+$3 off $40 currently. And for fuss-free shoppers, I guess Maybank Family & Friends Platinum Card & Sheng Siong Diner Card would be the best since no minimum spend is required. Do feel free to comment if there are any other cards that have been missed out in this list.

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6 Responses to Which credit card offers the best rebates for supermarkets?

  1. stevenlsf says:

    at last find such an excellent summary. Thanks Cheaponana. Maybe should also include the annual fee as it plays a role here when making the decision.

    • Cheaponana says:

      Dear Steven
      Thanks for your suggestion. It was initially in our consideration, but after checking with our group of friends, it seems like most (if not all) people are able to waive off their credit card annual fees, so we felt it was not really necessary. Did you have any difficulty with any particular bank?

      • stevenlsf says:

        if one has several cards might have problem to waive. I had problems several years ago for the UOB Visa and Amex. Nevertheless thanks for the effort.

        • Cheaponana says:

          Thanks Steven, will bear that in mind. Hopefully things have changed since this business is getting competitive! Let us know if you have any other inputs. Happy reading!

  2. adam says:

    i did not managed to get my OCBC CC annual fee waived as the yearly spending did not hit the quota of 4000.

  3. jun says:

    can you update this list?? =D

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