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Best credit card to use for online purchases

Best credit card to use for online purchases

Prior to writing this article, I’ve been using the Standard Chartered Xtrasaver card for online purchases since it is a guaranteed 2% rebate off anything and everything. After doing some research, there are 2 cards that particularly stand-out in this field – the OCBC Frank card and ANZ cards. This is actually a new offering from OCBC Frank card as there was no rebate for online shopping when the card was first launched. I guess it is not a bad card to use for online shopping, but do bear in mind that GST may be incurred for purchases above SGD 400. The ANZ Platinum is also not a bad card as it provides 5% rebate for online purchases, but similar to the UOB one card, you need to have a minimum spending per month for all 3 months in order to qualify for this rebate. If you are not careful and fall below this amount then you might lose out on the rebate for that quarter. Another good feature is the fact that M1/Starhub and town council bills are included. For large families who spend a lot on TV and mobile bills, this 5% rebate is a given. Do not waste your time with other cards!

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