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Being Singaporeans, we live to eat. And there are so many food blogs out there recommending new restaurants every single day! However, aside from all the new birds, there will always be a few restaurants that you will frequently go back to, time and again. I have compiled a list of my favourite chinese restaurants (only the big chains, those individual ones have been excluded) with the preferred credit card to use for dining privileges. Previously it was a no-brainer to use the Citibank Dividend card for all dining places except restaurants in hotels, but since they have imposed a minimum spending of $50 to enjoy the rebate, I would pretty much stick to Maybank for the time being, till their 10x accelerator program ends in March 13.

Credit Cards to use at my favourite chinese restaurants


For the loyalty programs, the Paradise Gourmet Rewards card is pretty promising as well, providing additional rebate on top of your usual credit card discount as well as birthday treats! The Tunglok card would be good for family dinners and gatherings since you will accrue the minimum spend for renewal quite easily through these big groups.

Are these your favourite Chinese restaurants as well?

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