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Face it.

Singapore’s generation of baby-boomers is entering their senior citizen years and most people end up with chronic medical problems that are inherently associated with older age as well as an affluent society such as hypertension, high cholesterol as well as diabetes. With 1 in 4 of our population having high blood pressure, 1 in 6 having high cholesterol and 1 in 9 having diabetes (statistics from http://www.moh.gov.sg/content/moh_web/home/statistics/Health_Facts_Singapore/Disease_Burden.html), many of us or our parents will end up having to pop these pills on a daily basis.

Most people may think that the polyclinic would probably be the cheapest place to procure the medications for these chronic medical conditions. At a charge of $1.40/drug/week, this works out to $5.60 per month for a drug. This is irregardless of the number of times that you need to take the medication (once, twice or even three times a day).

However, a recent check with the pharmacie reveal that that may not necessarily be the case. For patients who are on generic medications (these are medications that have already lost their patents and have been around for eons) and on daily dosing, it may be cheaper to procure these medications from one of the big chain pharmacies such as Guardian, NTUC Unity or Watsons. Take for instance, a high blood pressure pill e.g. atenolol 50mg, a 3 month course of daily once-a-day dosing costs less than $9 (with senior citizen discount on Tuesdays). This would cost $5.60*3= $16.80 at the polyclinic, not taking into consideration the long queues there.

We present a summary of the discounts extended to senior citizens at these 3 big pharmacies below. Notably, you need to be above 50 years old to qualify. Of course, different pharmacies will stock up different generics and the prices would hence be different. Nevertheless, it is indeed heartwarming to know that in Singapore, the aged is able to enjoy these benefits. Check out the links below for individual T&C

List of discount at pharmacies for senior citizens


Guardian – http://www.guardian.com.sg/golden-seniors-membership

NTUC Unity – http://www.ntuchealth.com.sg/promotions/unity/images/apr11/Senior-Tuesday-Poster.jpg


Watsons – http://www.watsons.com.sg/websg/ArticleDetail2.do?articleId=9173

Disclaimer – Cheaponana is not an employee at any of the above pharmacies and it is entirely up to the discretion of the reader to decide if he/she wants to purchase his/her medications at the above pharmacies. Lower prices may not be guaranteed so do enquire first before submitting your prescription.


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