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There are many cards out in the market that promise to give you bonus points of up to 10x the number of points per $1 or $5 spent on your credit card if you use the cards wisely at certain merchants. However, it can be quite confusing especially if you do not use the cards very often. So does it mean that 10x would always be better than 5x? Well, we have compiled a table of the various credit cards that offer acceleration of credit card points if you use the card at the correct place and across the banks, we have used KF miles as a benchmark to determine how much spending is needed to accrue that amount of miles (Do note that Bank of China does not allow conversion to KF miles, only to Asia miles. Nevertheless, for most banks, the number of points needed for redemption for Asia miles and KF miles are the same)accelerator1

accelerator2After going through the list, the following conclusion may be reached:

1. The best of the lot is AMEX platinum card, as you only need to spend $1600 to get 10k KF miles.  (Well, if you are the selected Centurion and Platinum Charge cardmembership, you earn 20x points/$1, so it’s only $800!!!)What’s more, there is a free Palate card where you can use it to save up to 50% on dining at selected restaurants and if you spend more than $7500 in the first 12 months, you get a free TUMI luggage worth $825! However, do take note that the number of establishments that belong to this Platinum Preferred partners is quite limited. The list is available here.

2. Citibank, DBS and UOB 10x acceleration programmes are all comparable as you need to spend $2500 to get 1000 KF miles. Of course, there will be subtle differences if you exchange the points for vouchers instead. Nevertheless, do take note that CITI$ are earned per $1 spent whereas UNI$ and DBS points are earned per $5 spent, so a $4.99 spent using citibank card will get you 4 CITI$ but UOB and DBS cards will earn 0 points/$.

3. Bank of China redemption scheme is very bad, so do not bother signing up for it even though it promises accleration of 3x points.


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4 Responses to Which is your favourite accelerator credit card to earn bonus points?

  1. Someone says:

    Some inaccuracies and updates.

    Amex Platinum is 10 points/$1.60, not per $1. Similarly, the Centurion and Platinum Charge cards are 20 points/$1.60.

    10x for shopping for the Citi Rewards cards exclude online shopping but it has been reported to work with some online shopping websites.

    Maybank World MasterCard also awards 10x tr’eats points for paying the Shell card that is linked to it. It also includes complimentary membership for Rewards Infinite (http://info.maybank2u.com.sg/personal/cards/rewards/rewards-infinite.aspx), which includes 10x tr’eats points for EZ-Link top-ups, and merchants like Din Tai Fung, Crystal Jade, Mango & ZARA).

    10x for dining is only for the Preferred Platinum AMEX. The MasterCard that comes with it does not earn 10x points.

  2. SL says:

    Amex website states 9 pts for 5 KF, meaning 18K pts for 10K KF instead of 16K pts stated in above table.
    For reward pts, it is also 2 pts for S$1.60 and not 1.5x pts for $1.

    • Cheaponana says:

      Hi SL
      Thanks for highlighting! I think they have adjusted the conversion rate upwards hence a higher rate of 18k pts for 10K KF miles instead of 16K previously (post was done in Apr 2013). As you can see, the bonus points will be given only if you $1500 instead of $500 in the past! Also, $12k spending for 10 KF miles is definitely not amongst my considerations.

      As for the AMEX Rewards, the points accrual is still 1.5x for $1 for the first $5000, I wonder where you saw the 2 pts for $1.60?

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