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movie2Since we are on the topic of cinemas in Singapore, i took a look at my previous post and decided to do an update since it was more than 7 months ago. For one, Eng Wah is undergoing renovation and hence has been removed till its Suntec branch is back in operations. Its West Mall branch has since been taken over by Cathay, which is good news for Bukit Batok residents if you are a REBEL member since you get a free upgrade (Refer to previous post).

Cathay has definitely scaled back in terms of credit card tie-ups and they are definitely not my first choice if i want to catch a movie on weekends. UOB has also fled to Shaw! Shaw has decent promotions with UOB/NTUC/Passion. However, GV continues to stand out for their HSBC movie card, which is the best deal for 2D movies on weekends – just $7.50, and the ANZ Prepaid card with the best value for 3D movies and weekdays. In addition, GV Max is superb with its latest ATMOS technology. I would rather fork out an extra $2 ($1.50 with 25% discount with ANZ Prepaid card) and experience the difference.


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One Response to Cheapest movie tickets in Singapore version 2

  1. Rayner says:

    You may want to include Safra and Passion Card promotions to make it more complete 😉

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