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The Amex KF gold card was superceded by the newly launced KF Asend card. New signups for the KF gold card have already ceased but existing gold cardmembers can continue to hold on or decide to jump ship. I was proscrastinating for a while until I saw their recent promotion, so after a quick comparison, I decided to switch since I do not foresee myself spending so much on the KF gold card.

For a start, in terms of miles acrrual, KF gold earns 0.625/$1. With $5k spent in a year, this increases to 0.9375 and 1.25 with $12k spent in a year. The bonus points only come in one lump sum at the beginning of the following year. As for KF Ascend, you earn 1 mile/$1.20=0.833 miles/$1. If you spend more than $1000 per month, every additional $500 earns you 300 bonus miles. E.g. if you spend $1500 for January on any purchase, you get 1200 miles+300=1500 miles (i.e. 1 mile/$1). If this $1500 was spent on SQ ticket bought from Singaporeair.com, you earn 2400+300=2700 miles (i.e. 1.8 miles/$1) If you spend $4000 on any purchase, you get 3333 miles+1800=5133 miles (i.e. 1.28 miles).

kfLooking at the above chart, the new KF Ascend card does offer more perks, since the double miles promotion is extended to other merchants like Krishop (Yeah! Can buy more booze each time you travel through DFS! Check out http://www.krisshopair.com/). What’s more, the free one night stay per year at Millennium Hotels sounds really tempting. It is valid for each calender year and you get the M&C Loyalty Gold card as well.

For this short time only, $100 Capita Voucher will be given to the first 10k cardmembers who spend $500 within 30 days of card approval and 2x KF miles on all purchases made in first 3 months, including those with bonus points.Quoting the example from above, for $1500 spent on a SQ ticket, you get 0.833*2*2*1500+300 bonus=5300 points (i.e. 3.53 miles/$1). This is definitely unbeatable in the market! To hit the 10k bonus miles cap, you need to spend $6000 on anything (or $3000 on Singaporeair.com or its double miles partners) within the first 3 miles then can stop using the card after that 🙂


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