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spchdbI’ve stopped going to the AXS machine after Xtrasaver stopped dishing out rebates for NETs payment, so it was quite fortunate that as I walked past the AXS machine yesterday when I saw this promotion on the screen. Not a bad deal since it’s equivalent to 4% off $50 pumped at SPC. What’s more, SPC has extended their 6% rebate till 30 Sep 13 so that’s 24.1% off petrol! So what type of HDB payments are there? One can pay one’s HDB loans, season parking charges, car park fines etc etc. If you unfortunately need to pay a fine then I guess this will sort of offset it! 🙂 Not too sure whether the 3% rebate for Everyday card will apply to this like the transaction online. Does anyone have any positive experience to share?


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