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So I was trying to pay my POSB Everyday Master Credit Card bill with the Daily $ that I have accumulated instead of using the Daily $ at SPC Petrol kiosk in order to maximise my returns. It was not an easy feat as there were no links on the credit card page to tell you how or where to pay using the Daily $. Finally, I saw the link on the right hand column on the IB homepage! Just click on the blue banner and a small popup will appear asking you for your options to redeem your Daily $. Choose Option 3 and key in your credit card number, amount and handphone number. The transaction may take up to 7 days so do plan early!

Go to IB Homepage and look at the right column

Go to IB Homepage and look at the right column


On another note, while I was looking around the POSB Everyday Card website, I noticed right at the bottom of the page that there were some change in T&C. To my horror, cash rebate for HDB Season Parking will be reduced from 3 to 1% and Starhub and SP Services will be given a maximum rebate of $1/month. How pathetic! Also, not to mention that the loophole using DBS credit cards at AXS machines to pay for your bills has been sealed. Well, now you know and won’t be shocked when you see your bills next month. Time to either prepay your season parking ( you can do so up to a year) or start hunting for the next better card to use.posbdaily2

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6 Responses to How to use POSB Daily $ to offset your credit card bill, HDB season rebate reduced from 3% to 1%

  1. Thomas says:

    SP services /Starhub rebate is $100 per calender month!

  2. sentosa says:

    The maximum Rebate of $1 is bad news. I’m trying to find other card for my starhub recurring bill, but I can’t find a good one .. any suggestion?

    • Cheaponana says:

      Citi now offers $10 cash rebate if you put a recurring bill with them including the telcos. Personally i am using UOB One card since the monthly deduction ensures that I accrue a minimum of $300 per month to qualify for the 3.33% rebate

  3. Thomas says:

    My bad.
    U r right! 1% on $100 spending =$1 rebate/month

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