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This is an update to the previous version here which was compiled almost 6 months ago.


I have added a few more cards here due to a request from a friend – AMEX Platinum, AMEX Platinum Reserve and OCBC Elite World. Standard Chartered, DBS and UOB have their own Priority Banking cards that have been mentioned here.

AMEX Platinum definitely stands out as one of the best cards in this category due to the numerous perks, however it is a card by invitation only and its annual fees are >$1k per year. AMEX Platinum Reserve is a close second, but the acceleration is only half at Platinum Partner outlets compared to AMEX Platinum (3.9 miles per dollar vs 7.8 miles). The OCBC Elite World MasterCard used to have JetQuay privileges as well, but there’s hardly any coverage on its website so wonder if there’s a change in its T&Cs too? For now, it is not something I would even look at, as are most OCBC cards.

After 6 months, there have been some changes even to the T&C of the existing cards on the list.

Notably, Maybank World MasterCard has lowered the income requirement from $120k to $80k. There are also a few more places to earn 10x Tr’eat Points (referred to part in italics)

These cards cater to people with more lifestyle and travel choices. Nevertheless, to be honest, aside from the prestige of these cards, I would prefer to stick to my list of cards in the acceleration list.


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