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I’ve been asked whether this is a good credit card to keep in the wallet since you get 10+10% off shops under the Dairy Farm Group. Not to mention that it has very high visibility in the papers from time to time.

Before you jump in and sign up for this card, read the fine print carefully.

1. 10% rebate at supermarkets only with $1000 spent per month and till 30 Jun 14

uobdelightThere is a tiered rebate based on your monthly spending on the card. The minimum is 1% and the maximum is 5%. There is a bonus 5% rebate till 30 Jun 14 and on special “Delight Days”.

2. Rebate is given in the form of SMART$.

Anyone who’s been a UOB user will know that the SMART$ have an extremely short lifespan of 6 months from the date of issuance and a lot of times, this amount is forfeited if one is not careful. Any spending done in SMART$ merchants will also allow one to earn SMART$ e.g. 10% SMART$ at Coffee Bean.

3. Cap of SMART$

On top of that, there is a cap of 50 SMART$ for the basic tier and 50 SMART$ for the bonus tier per month, meaning that you can only spend $1000 a month in the supermarkets.

4. 10% off House brand items

This is pretty self explanatory, but does not include promotional items.

All in all, unless one is an ardent supporter of the Dairy Farm Group and will spend $1000 a month on grocery shopping, and will use the SMART$ religiously, there are better alternatives available. Check out the previous review on credit card to use for supermarket shopping here


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One Response to Review of UOB Delight Credit Card

  1. jun says:

    Thanks for this! =) am convinced that I should do away with this credit card. pretty useless. at least for me. even with my mum that does spend quite a big sum in certain months, it’s impossible to just do 500bucks or more a month (on just one card.)

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