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The first version of this article was written more than a year ago with the intent of informing Singaporeans regarding places with free parking as there has been no good compilation that I have come across on the Internet. Till date, this is probably the most comprehensive list that one can find on the Internet. Any errors or further additions from fellow readers would be greatly appreciated. Just write your comments in the textbox below or drop me a message on Facebook.

One year on, there have been new malls that have opened offering free lunchtime parking (kudos to Capitamall and others). Those working in the city area can  head to City Square, Clark Quay, Esplanade, Mustafa, Plaza Singapura, Singapore Flyer or even Sentosa for a quick meal and pay nothing for carpark fees. Those working in the suburban areas have more choices, especially those in the heartlands. Of course, the lots are subjected to availability, so do have alternative parking destinations as well when you are heading over. It is always worthwhile having an app like Carpark@SG which can tell you the cost of parking in a certain mall and you can use it as a reference.

As mentioned in the previous post, there are alternatives such as public carparks. Generally most URA carparks are free after 5pm on weekdays and on Sundays, and most HDB carparks are free on Sundays. However, there are always exceptions to the rule, so remember to check the sign at the carpark before you leave just to make sure you don’t end up with a $30 summon.




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2 Responses to Carparks with free parking in Singapore Version 2

  1. Ting Huan says:

    JCube Parking:

    *Free 2 Hour Parking from 12 – 2pm daily (Monday – Friday)
    From now to 15 Oct 2015.

    3.30am – 9.59pm: $1.30 for 1st hr
    Subsequent 15 mins or part thereof: $0.40
    10.00pm – 3.29am: $2.60 per entry

    Grace period: 10 minutes

    $1.30 per entry

    Prices indicated above are inclusive of 7% GST

  2. Ting Huan says:

    Below is the revised parking rates in JCube with effect from 1 July 2015.

    *Free 2 Hour Parking from 12 – 2pm daily (Monday – Friday)
    From now to 15 Oct 2015.

    3:30am – 5:59pm: $1.30 for 1st hour
    Every subsequent 15 min or part thereof: $0.30

    6:00pm – 3:29am: $2.50 per entry

    Grace Period: 10 min

    $1.30 per entry

    Price indicated above are inclusive of 7% GST.

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