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The last article was written in Nov 12, and it has been almost 1.5 years where they have been some changes in the major players as Carrefour has moved out of Singapore and all Shop n Save outlets have been rebranded under Giant. During the previous review, Maybank Family & Friends and Sheng Siong Diner Card stood out for their ease of use. What about now?

Looking at the table below, one will notice there have been quite a few additions. ANZ has expanded the grocery rebate to all of its cards. Citibank Dividend has also included a 3-5% rebate on grocery shopping recently, probably one of its first steps towards streamlining its many credit cards. DBS has teamed up with SAFRA to offer 3% rebate for shopping at supermarkets with a minimum purchase of $500 per month. HSBC Premier and Visa Infinite have also included an awesome 10% rebate for grocery shopping. POSB Everyday has switched from Carrefour to Sheng Siong after the former has left Singapore. And last but not least, UOB has come up with a Delight card for loyal Dairy Farm customers.



As mentioned in the previous post, the card to use would depend on one’s spending habits – where you spend and how much you spend. There are another 2 excellent cards to own and use but are not captured in the table above as they are not credit cards.

1) McDonalds NETS Flashpay card

Previously mentioned in my post here, it gives a 5% rebate at NTUC and Sheng Siong with a minimum spend of $30 per month, and capped at $10/card/month i.e. max spending $200/mth

2. PAssion ez-link Card (only $12 for 5 years)

Every $1 spent at Dairy Farm Group allows one to get 1 TapForMore Point. All points will expire by 31 December that year but one is given an additional 6 months for redemption (exchange rate 1500points – $10 i.e. 0.67% rebate)

Find out more here

My take on the best cards for each supermarket chain

1. NTUCMcDonalds Flashpay card (5%) if you spend less than $200/month. Others are subject to minimum spending and whether the merchant accepts credit card payment (usually only Finest and X-tra only). Use your NTUC Plus Card to collect link points as well.

2. Cold Storage (and Dairy Farm group) – HSBC Premier Mastercard or Visa Infinite if you can meet the minimum spending of $600/month on anything to get 10% rebate (which is the best in the market) or UOB Delight to get 10% rebate if you spend above $1000 that month. For fuss free purchase, use McDonalds Flashpay to get 5%, and pair it with PAssion ez-link Card to get TapForMore points.

3. Sheng SiongPOSB Everyday Card is clearly a winner with 5% rebate and no minimum spending.

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