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A few different articles have been written previously highlighting various promotions using MasterCard Paypass, Ez-link and Nets Flashpay for payment of taxi fares. Nowadays, Nets Flashpay, Ez-link and Paypass have been incorporated into credit cards providing convenience in payment by tapping the cards at the machine of these taxis.

Some people will prefer to use cash as the default mode of payment for taxi fare as there would be no surcharge incurred. However, by taking note of ongoing promotions and using the correct cards, one may benefit through the use of these cards.

OCBC Frank NETS Flashpay

My favourite for now would be the OCBC Frank Nets Flashpay card which offers 6% rebate for each top-up, but subjected to a minimum online spend of  $500 per month. On top of that, one can get a 5% rebate with a minimum spend of $30 per month on taxi fares. There is a catch though, and that is a minimum 3 day period before the next ATU (automatic-top-up). In addition, do not exceed the cap of $10 rebate per month so just spend the first $200 using this card and remember to claim the rebate subsequently from the AVM (Add Value Machine) at interchanges and MRT stations. For additional information, check this out.


Most taxi drivers should be able to accept EZ-link noawdays but of course there will be some who insist that their machine is spoilt. Sign up for the Cabrewards program and get a 0.5% rebate in the form of taxi voucher through the accumulation of Cabpoints. However, do bear in mind that you need a minimum of 1000 points (i.e. $1000 spent or if you sign up now, you get 500 points for free, so just spend $500) before you can make a redemption and this is only valid for cabs under the ComfortDelGro group. The good thing is you do get rebate from your credit card company through the reloading of your EZ-link card, and of course you can use the plain old EZ-link card and just link it to a credit-card for reload. There was an article comparing the best credit card for EZ-link reload written in Jan 2013.

MasterCard Paypass

This promotion may not be the best as there is a surcharge of 10.7% when you use this mode of payment. However, ComfortDelGro cabs have this promotion by giving customers a 10% rebate, so it sort of even out. Choose this method if you want to increase spending on your credit cards to ensure a successful annual fee waiver.


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