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In statistical studies in Singapore, the elderly is defined as anyone 65 years or above (refer to http://www.singstat.gov.sg/publications/publications_and_papers/population_and_population_structure/population2013.pdf). Under the new Retirement and Re-employment act established in Jan 2012, the statutory minimum retirement age is 62, but employers are now required to offer re-employment for eligible employees who turn 62, up to the age of 65 years old.

As we or our parents embrace our retirement years, there may be a loss of income and hence reliance on our savings and CPF nest. However, we should be aware that there are many perks and benefits available that will help reduce your daily expenses . Let’s discover the must-haves when you or your parents reach the 6th decade of your/their lives!

1. Transport – Senior Citizen Concession Card (>60 years old)

This is a concession card that allows for discounted prices on buses, MRT and LRT, and application starts when one turns 60 years old! The card is valid for up to 5 years. Apply online using the form here or download a copy of the PDF form, print it and submit to 9 Maxwell Road, Annexe A MND Complex, #03-02, Singapore 069112 with a photocopy of your NRIC (both the front and reverse sides) and a coloured passport sized photograph that was taken within the last 3 months. Once you have received your Senior Citizen Concession Card, simply head down to any TransitLink Ticket Office to activate the card by paying a minimum travel value of $10 and a personalisation fee of $3. The bus fares for senior citizens range from 54-87 cents and train fares from 54-91 cents, which is definitely less than the adult fare! Morever, this card allows senior citizens to have a longer period of time to cross certain traffic junctions once you tap this card. For more information, refer the Transitlink page here

2a. Healthcare – Discounts at pharmacies on special days (>50 years)

I first wrote this article on “Where can I buy the cheapest medicine for myself or my parents” in Jan 2013. Since then, the promotions have still been ongoing and remained unchanged. As such, if you need to buy any medication or top up your prescription at the pharmacies, take note of the days to go to enjoy the special discounts!

2b. Healthcare – CHAS for pioneer generation (>65 years)

This is a new and improved version of the CHAS programme and will be implemented across the board for all the Singaporeans and PR in the Pioneer Generation i.e. 65 years or above in 2014 and/or obtained citizenship before 31 Dec 1986. There is no need to apply as those eligible will receive the card in their mailbox

3. Discount when shopping for daily necessities – NTUC Fairprice (>60 years)


I’ve written a couple of articles previously on the best credit cards to use at the supermarkets (read here). And if you did not know this earlier, Singaporeans and PR aged 60 years and above will get 2% discount when they shop on Tuesday, and this has been in effect since 2002! Do note that there is a cap of $200 per receipt and this excludes cigarettes, statutory items and gift vouchers and remember to pay using the best mode of payment mentioned in my previous article (link above). Refer to NTUC website for more information.

4. Entertainment – Watch a movie for less! (>55 years)


All the movie theatres in Singapore offer promotional ticket prices for anyone more than 55 years of age. This is definitely way better than any credit card promotion! Go with your loved ones for the latest movie anytime before 5-6pm on a weekday and pay as little as $4!

5. Exercise by joining the ActiveSG Gym or Swimming Pools at a discount! (>55 years)

It was first reported on 28 Apr 14 regarding the free $100 credits when Singaporeans and PRs sign up for the ActiveSG movement. The full article is available here. For the uninitiated, you need to sign up for an ActiveSG account either from http://www.myactivesg.com/about-activesg/membership or via the ActiveSG app. As you can see from the tables above, senior citizens do pay a much lower fee as compared to working adults, so if you have not claimed your free $100 to kickstart your active lifestyle, click here.

If there are other perks that you would like to share with fellow readers, please feel write to comment below.

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7 Responses to 5 benefits of being a Senior Citizen – The Must Dos!

  1. Goh Khang Khai says:

    1) Cheaponana? I wonder if the term is satirically aimed at the “senior citizen receivers” or the “stingy merchants” or “offerers” of such perks.
    2) In japan, as long as one spouse is above 55 yrs old, both are entitled to the senior citizens rates at the matinee. This promotes bonding of elderly couples. I hope in Singapore, we are not expected to watch the matinees alone, leave the other half at home, or the perk is aimed at widows or widowers, or divorcees???
    3) Discounts for medicine only on certain day or birthday month? Be more generous & forthcoming if we really want to appreciate our senior citizens. They don’t become senior citizens only on those days!
    4) ActiveSG S100 credits & some other perks registered online? Be more empathetic & sensitive. How many of today’s seniors are left out due not IT savvy?
    5) I sense a lack of sincerity & sensitivity in many instances. A total lack of complete & thorough thinking through! Typical of money cultured Singapore! Wanna give, yet not really generous! But when it comes to taking, no need to register online or at all!
    6) Cathay org. Why charge S1 more for the free drink. Do all seniors need that drink? At S1 a coffee or tea, is it really that cheap or a case of cross subsidizing the discounted movie ticket. Offer the drink for another 50c, but separate from the ticket price & at discretion of the seniors.
    7) Golden Village. Shaw & others are charging S4. So why S4.50? Your costs are higher, your prints are more expensive? And Cathay, now you can see you are the most expensive, with the mandatory drink!

  2. Abdul Malik says:

    Hi. I would like to apply for my mother for the senior citizen concession card. She did not have the card till today
    Pls tell me the procedure how to get or apply for senior citizens concession card. She is 80 yrs plus.


  3. Leo Anita says:

    Exactly how I feel as well, K K Goh!
    Most retailers in SG are half hearted in their “sales, discount perks”
    As consumers, we are not stupid. One can sense these insincere “sales” tactics. In USA, when sale events are on, they have really give their all. No half reservations about not having to meet their profit margin.
    Which is also why I avoid the GPS every year.

  4. Leo Anita says:

    Typo error in my msg, I clearly typed GSS….. NOT Gps?!

  5. Geetha says:

    I am a senior citizen (65years) of India who is in Singapore as a tourist. Can you please let me know if I could get concessions o.in local travel by publuc transport(MRT Etc)?would you mind enlughtening me on this. I will be in Singapore for a fortnight.
    Thank you.

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