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miles2014It’s been 7 months since the last update. Since then, there have been quite a few changes

1. Citibank Prestige was launched, offering the same miles earning rate as Citi Premiermiles AMEX. Although it offers 25k miles as a welcome gift, honestly it is easier to get 25k if you renew both Premiermiles Visa and AMEX (costs $460.10 c.f. $535). Of course, the privileges are different, and one can expect a 5-30% bonus on spending that year based on the relationship with Citibank.

2. The miles earn rate for Citibank Premier miles AMEX and Visa have been updated. Do note that the 1.4 miles/$1 spent locally is for AMEX and 1.2 miles/$1 is for Visa Signature.

3. Maybank Horizon Platinum Visa now charges $25 per redemption of miles (waived for World MasterCard and Visa Infinite members)

4. For priority pass, do note that DBS’s priority pass permits 2 per 12 months of issue of card as compared to Citibank’s or ANZ’s which permits 2 per calendar year.

Cheaponana’s Top 3 miles cards

1. UOB PRVI Miles Platinum AMEX

This still stands out as the best in terms of earn rate 1.6miles/$1 in Singapore and 2.5 miles/$1 overseas. The bonus 20k miles is still difficult to accrue if one does not spend regularly on this card. Nevertheless, the free limousine airport transfer is still a draw, just remember to spend $500 on travel related expenses and make your booking before you fly! Do note that there is an expiry for the UNI$, so remember to redeem before 2 years is up!

2. ANZ Travel Visa Signature

At 2.8 miles/$1 spent ‘overseas’ and selected merchants, it offers the best earning rate! However, do note that ‘overseas’ in this case refers to AUD$ and NZ$ and not all over the world.  The 12k miles per year of renewal is a plus as well since it offers much more than Citibank Premiermiles Visa. Last but not least, this is the preferred card to book your air tickets since they all get 2.8miles/$1 as well!

3. Citibank Premiermiles AMEX

Comparing the 2 (Premiermiles AMEX vs Visa Signature), the former would be better as the earn rate locally is higher. In addition, the renewal bonus is better (mile per $) and you get 2.5 miles/$1 when you book SQ tickets. American express Krisflyer Ascend definitely has to buck up since it cannot compete with ANZ Travel Visa and Citibank Premier miles American Express for these SQ ticket purchases!

Do post  in the comment box below regarding your favourite miles card!



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10 Responses to Comparison of the frequent flier miles credit card in Singapore #Version 3

  1. ZJ says:

    Thank you for your informative website.

    Personally I would choose Citi Premier Miles AMEX.

    UOB PRVI Miles looks good on paper but there is plenty of wastage. Firstly if you spend eg $44. You only earn miles on $40. But what really annoys me is the redemption, you have to redeem in blocks of 5,000 UNI$, compared to other cards which allow you to redeem miles up to the nearest 1 mile.

    • Cheaponana says:

      Good point there. A lot of times at first glance, you might be attracted by the points offered by the cards, but do read the T&C carefully especially for those whose miles have an expiry date. For local spending, the difference between Citi PM Amex and UOB PRVI AMEX is 0.2 but for overseas it would be 0.5 miles per $1 spent, so I will weight my options carefully. Of course there are other factors to consider as well especially when it comes to redemption. I will probably include this portion regarding redemption in my next update. Thanks for contributing!

  2. Cheaponana says:

    Hi thanks for your comment. The reason why I left out OCBC Titanium card is because it does not offer 2.5 miles upfront per $1 spent overseas. Instead, it offers 1.2 miles upfront and 1.3 bonus miles only if you spend $1500 or more. So for the 1.2 miles, it is accrued as OCBC$ and for the bonus miles, they are accrued as bonus miles. Essentially you run 2 different “miles bank” which I feel has a diluent effect since you now need to spend much more to accrue the points/miles for redemption. Personally, I think there are better choices as offered in the table

    • DL says:

      Hi Cheaponana,

      Thank you for very insightful and clear explanation. It is interesting on how they will split into the 2 banks. Banks always have interesting ways to attract us “consumers” to get their cards.

      My work requires me to travel a lot. I already have the ANZ Travel Visa and it is good. Will consider the rest if need to.

  3. CC says:

    Hands down the UOB PRVI card for accruing miles quickly!
    Especially if you have recurring overseas expenses and can get re-imbursed by your company for them.

    Do note though, that the high earn-rate (S$1 = 2.5 miles) for overseas spend is becos you lose out on the exchange rate (higher FX rate, eg 1.377 USD/SGD, vs the spot rate of 1.335) and pay a 3.5% surcharge for foreign currency transactions.

    Nett nett, the cost of 1 mile = S$0.016 if you rely on overseas spend to accrue your miles.
    That said, it still works out cheaper if you want to redeem Business or First Class seats using miles vs paying for them.

  4. Sushi says:

    Hi Cheaponana,

    For overseas spending, do you have any idea would the exchange rate Citi Premier Miles AMEX vs Citi Premier Miles VISA?
    Is the additional charges if we use the AMEX?


  5. Tommy says:

    Good news – UOB Priv Miles now has a Mastercard version with the same mileage payouts.


  6. Melissa says:

    How about the Amex platinum credit card? The points for this one does not expire also. How does this compare to the other cards?

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