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A reader wrote in recently in response to my post on the comparison of the budget airlines in Singapore, highlighting an additional (hidden) charge of $1 when she tried to make payment at an AXS machine for a trip on Tiger Airways in February 2014. Booking using a credit card will incur a surcharge of $9 per person per way, so the cheaper option would be to pay through AXS, which Tiger charges an additional $5 per booking. So the booking amount that was supposed to be paid after completing the transaction online was $243.16. However the amount charged at the AXS machine was $244.16.




A quick check with the Tiger Airways representative confirmed there is an additional $1 charge by AXS for their service.


Apparently this is written on their FAQ here.

tigeraxsSo do not be too alarmed by this $1 difference between their invoice and the charge slip printed by AXS!


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2 Responses to Hidden cost for budget travel (Tiger Airways) through AXS payment – extra $1 charged by AXS

  1. Thomas says:

    $1 is stillood ,compared to $9 imposed when paying by cc online

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