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Singaporeans love coffee, as can be evidenced by the number of hipster cafes that are opening in Singapore. However, for daily consumption, I prefer to stick to the pocket-friendly chains like Wang, Yakun or Toastbox or occasionally indulge myself in the more atas ones such as Starbucks or Coffee Bean.

I’ve incorporated the bigger chains in the table above and included those with either credit card promotions or special loyalty or members cards that will entice people to return. The benefits of a prepaid card include either bonus value when you top-up or you get an extra drink after buying a certain number of drinks. However, do take note that there is an expiry tied to the value of the card, so do remember to keep them in your wallet and use them regularly or they may expire before you know it!

Coffee Club, Spinelli, Starbucks, Coffee Bean and TCC members do get additional benefits on their birthday months so do not forget to visit and claim your rewards or discounts then!

If there’s a particular chain that I’ve missed out, do leave your comments below or email me!


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