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It has been almost 2 years since the last version of this comparison was published in Nov 12. From then till now, seems like the players have not changed and almost everyone has come up with a mobile app be it iOS or Android to suit the mobile lifestyle of the locals who are forever glued to their phones whether it is on the train, bus or even walking on the streets. Only Standard Chartered has remained as an internet-based trading platform without any app so far.

DBS Vickers was the first one to start a cash upfront account, and since then, CIMB, Lim & Tan, Philips Securities and UOB Kay Hian have come up with a cash upfront account where you are entitled to a lower minimum fee if you place money into that account before hand. The standard minimum fee is $18 or 0.18% and from now till 31 Oct 14, CIMB Securities and UOB Kay Hian have an ongoing promotion with a lower rate of 0.12% or minimum fee of $12. Lim & Tan has a similiar promotion that will end one month earlier on 30 Sep 14! However, do take note that all of these new players actually place your stocks into a custodian account and only DBS Vickers will place your stocks into your CDP account! As mentioned in the previous article, there is additional risk involved in having stocks placed in a custodian account, so do consider your options wisely.

One last thing, SGX will be cutting lot size to 100 units from 19 Jan 2015, meaning you need less funds to buy expensive stocks such as Jardine Matheson or UOB. This also means that this table will probably be outdated then, so do watch out for an update on the fees!


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