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Bundled sales is not for everyone as sometimes, the items that are included may not be suitable for one. For the first time, Xiaomi will be making all bundles available for sale individually too. 

In addition, purchase a Redmi 1S and you can also add a 5200 Mi Power Bank to your order for only S$7! Mi Fans who purchase the first 1,000 Redmi 1S on Tuesday will also receive a surprise free gift! 

Interested parties should bookmark their facebook page and watch for promotions!

Once again, the steps to follow:

1. Sign up for a Xiaomi account at http://account.xiaomi.com/

2. Set your alarm on your phone to ring on 26 Aug 1155am

3. Logon to http://www.xiaomi.com/sg and wait to purchase

4. Once loaded into your cart, proceed to checkout with paypal (you do not need a paypal account, just a credit card will do)

5. You can buy another one once you checkout and pay. (But you really have to be quick and load that the page does not crash – which happens very often)

6. Delivery by UPS happens within a week


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