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Pick up a fuel discount coupon booklet from any SAFRA Club to enjoy up to 20 per cent savings on petrol* – each booklet contains three discount coupons (worth a total of $9). Each coupon is redeemable with a minimum of $50 gross fuel pumped!

All SAFRA members
Enjoy $2 off your fuel purchase with each special coupon.

SAFRA DBS Credit and Debit Cards
Enjoy an additional $1 off with special coupon.
(Payment must be made with a SAFRA DBS Credit or Debit Card.)

Collection Details:
From 8 Nov 2014 onwards, 6,000 discount coupon booklets are available for collection at all SAFRA Clubs. Valid for use till 31 Dec 2014.

Terms & Conditions

  • The percentage savings shown are for illustrative purposes only. The total percentage saving of 20% is calculated based on a transaction amount of $50 on Premium 95 with Techron® and an illustrative pump price of Premium 95 with Techron® at $2.24 a litre – SAFRA Card members will be entitled to 5% Caltex site discount and 9% SAFRA card discount on Caltex petrol with Techron®, 1.15% equivalent of Thanks! Points (if applicable) and $2 or $3 discount coupon distributed by SAFRA from 8 Nov to 31 Dec 2014; 40 Thanks! Points are equivalent to $1. Other Thanks! Points. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Limited to one fuel discount coupon booklet to each SAFRA member, on a first come, first served basis. Each club has a minimum of 1,000 booklets available.
  • Each coupon is redeemable with a minimum purchase of $50 gross fuel pumped in a single receipt at any Caltex service station in Singapore. Only one coupon may be used in each transaction.Other coupon terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the coupons for details.
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