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moviesv4It’s been 7 months since the last update to the guide for the cheapest movie tickets in Singapore, and it appears that there have been many changes to the above table.


Cathay has always been a perennial favourite as the locations of the theatres are great, the seats are comfortable, and the movies usually start quite promptly after a short advertorial. After the NETS Flashpay 1 for 1 promotion, they have tied up with DBS Visa Paywave for another 1 for 1 promotion which is valid throughout the week. The existing M1 1 for 1 promotion on Sunday is still ongoing but limited to Sundays only.


It appears that this small player has stopped its student promotions. Wonder how is it managing without any promotions to draw in the crowd?

Golden Village

ANZ Prepaid cards have been fully sold out and no one is certain whether the promotion will return. Make use of the GV Movie Club discounted fare of $9.50 for 3D films which is the 2nd best in the market (after SAFRA Moviemax at Shaw – $9)


Shaw has been very aggressive with its tie-ups after Lido reopened and the Bank of China World MasterCard 1 for 1 promotion is excellent! On top of that, the SAFRA prices are pretty decent and the same rates are available for online booking! Woohoo!

WE (Previous Eng Wah)

Eng Wah has been silent after the Suntec and Clementi branches were closed for renovation. Then when GV took over the Suntec City branch, I thought that was the end of Eng Wah/WE! Thankfully, they still have a Clementi branch so do hold onto your vouchers and gift cards and use them when they open in Q4 2014 (which is now?)

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