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For my last trip to the USA, ANA had reduced their economy class luggage allowance from 2 pieces of 23kg to 1 piece of 23kg (since 1/6/13) [read article here]. It is quite distressing to travel with just one luggage to such a far away country, especially if you do not have a Star Alliance Gold status to allow you to check in one additional luggage, or the luxury of travelling in business class where you have 2 baggage allowance.

From now till 31/3/15, any ANA tickets that originate from Asia outside Japan (that means Singapore!), with destinations to Japan, USA, Canada or Latin America, will entitle you to an additional check-in luggage for free. How considerate since you will need to pack in more warm clothings for the winter during this period!

However, from 8/1/5, this rule will apply to ALL international flights, so 2 x23kg luggage allowance will be a norm! [read article here]

Since oil prices have been tanking, and airline companies are set to earn higher profits, hopefully we will see other airlines following suit!

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