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Amex BoingoAre you a frequent traveller? Tired of paying for overseas roaming at SGD 15 a day or too lazy to get hold of a local sim card?

American Express Platinum credit card holders are now entitled to a free Boingo membership with unlimited WI-FI access at global hotspots and there’s no need to incur any Wi-Fi roaming fees. The last time I was in the United States, Boingo hotspots were everywhere. In other big cities around the world, you can make use of the Boingo network as well.

Not an AMEX Platinum member yet? You can get the Feed at Raffles card and the Palette dining card to enjoy up to 50% off dining! Sign up now!

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4 Responses to Free global Boingo WIFI with American Express Platinum credit card

  1. John doe says:

    Which AMEX card in Singapore can successfully pass their eligibility test on the link above? I tried both platinum card and tru cash back card and both of them did not pass their test

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