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FlashPayCardAll along, only OCBC Frank’s Flashpay was eligible for Auto-topup with a credit card, and its rebate of 6% still remains the best in the market. However, with the recent change in T&C allowing only 2 ATU (Auto-top-up) to be eligible for rebate (capped $12), there’s a need to source for other sources to top-up the Nets Flashpay and earn from it! Now that credit and debit cards are entitled for top-ups, do register for the auto-topup service, get the activation code and get your card activated for use!

What’s the best credit card to use you may ask? For now, there’s no dedicated card that incentivizes people to top up using credit cards, so just use your favourite credit card for miles, rebates or points!

More information on Nets website here


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