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I was browsing the Citibank SMRT Credit Card page when i noticed that something looked different. Below is a screenshot:


Did you note the difference? Let’s look at the screenshot below with a table that was correct prior to 15 Sep 14.


Instead of getting SMRT$ rebate at ALL supermarkets including Giant, Cold Storage, Market Place, Sheng Siong, selected NTUC and Meidi-Ya, now the list has been trimmed to Giant, Sheng Siong and  ALL NTUC Fairprice outlets. Does that mean that Citi rebate $ will not be given when you shop at Cold Storage using the Citibank SMRT Card? Currently, you get 1-2% of CITI $ rebate at Cold Storage with Citibank cards still (view the site here)… wondering if there’s a delay in update? Or you can accrue that with other cards like the Citibank Dividend credit card?

Hence I checked out the Citibank Dividend credit card page as well to see if they still offer 5% rebates when you shop there with this credit card, and yes, it is listed as their preferred Grocery partners! However, do note the disclaimer below, “Up to 5% savings can be earned at all Grocery and Health & Beauty/Pharmacy store and is not only limited to the stores listed above”. So i looked harder and saw this “5% savings at grocery stores and at pharmacies (applicable only for Citibank DIVIDEND Visa Signature and Citibank DIVIDEND WORLD MasterCard) comprises of 3% cash back and 2% Citi Rebate at Citi Rebate merchants and 5% cash back at all other grocery stores and pharmacies (which are non-Citi Rebate merchants); and is applicable only with minimum spend of S$50.”

I think it makes things clearer now. If you use Citibank dividend at any of the preferred grocery partners, you get 3% DIV$ + 1 or 2% CITI$ rebate depending on how much you spend. However, if you use Citibank dividend at NTUC or Meidi-ya, you get 5% DIV$ instead.


To summarise, which cards should you use at the supermarkets?

NTUC Fairprice – Citibank SMRT (5-7% SMRT$) or Dividend (5% DIV$)

Giant – Citibank SMRT (5% SMRT$ + 1-2% CITI$)

Sheng Siong – Citibank  SMRT (5% SMRT$ + 1-2% CITI$)

Cold Storage/Jasons/Market Place – Citibank Dividend (3% DIV$ + up to 2% CITI$)

Meidi-Ya – Citibank Dividend (5% DIV$) or UOB-JCB card (5% cash rebate direct)

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