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E Class Mercedes Limousine Source: Mercedes Benz

Sadly, the complimentary airport transfer is going to become a thing of the past.

Come 3 Jan 15, instead of a complimentary airport transfer, UOB PRVI members will be given a $45 rebate for each one-way limousine service to Changi Airport. As UOB uses Maxicab for their limousine service, looking at Maxicab website, the cheapest service is $50 for a white mercedes for a departure transfer and $60 for an arrival transfer. That means you will effectively be paying a minimum of $5 for the departure transfer and $10 for the arrival transfer (excluding other surcharges).

Not just that, instead of spending $500 in a single receipt on travel-related transaction (i.e. air ticket bookings, hotel bookings or any travel packages from a travel or tour agency) within 3 months prior to date of travel, now you need to spend $1000 overseas (online spending not counted) within a quarter (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun etc). That means if you make use of the service, there is a need to ensure that you spend $1000 during your trip overseas in order to earn the rebate. 2.5 miles per $1 spent overseas is pretty decent, but I would reserve it for dining and entertainment as shopping on bags, clothes and shoes will reap 4 miles per $1 on Citibank Premier Miles anytime.

For other cards that offer free limousine service, please refer to my previous post on The best credit cards to use and book your overseas holiday trip.

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2 Responses to Changes to UOB PRVI Miles Complimentary Airport Transfer from 3 Jan 15

  1. Mark says:

    Perhaps the new PRVI World MasterCard will be another option since it offers the same miles earning rate (albeit without the limo benefit) and lower FX charges? 🙂

    • Cheaponana says:

      Hi Marks
      Yes certainly an option since MasterCard is more widely accepted. But the annual fees for MasterCard are $406 – at least 1.5 times that of the AMEX version and NO bonus miles and NO free limousine.

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