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As we update Version 3 of the “Best Rebate Credit Card in Singapore”, we realise that there needs to be more additions to the table compared to Version 2, since more credit cards have been released in the past few months. Another new column has also been added to highlight the income requirement so that at one glance, you can see whether you qualify for this card or not! The first number is for locals and the 2nd number for foreigners.

#30/1/15 Note: The below table has been updated with American Express True Cashback Card




Here’s a quick rundown of the cards according to the issuing banks:

American Express

AMEX has finally released a True Cashback card, with a minimum rate of 1.5% for everything, which is fairly decent. On top of that, for the first 3 months, you can spend on anything to get 5% worth of rebates, capped at a maximum of $5000 spent


ANZ has been dropped from the list as they have removed the bonus rebates.

Bank of China

BoC has revised their T&C for the 2 rebate cards under them – Family Rebate Card & Shop! Card. There is now a minimum spending of $500 per month before you can qualify for the bonus rebate. Otherwise, you will receive the basic rebate of either 0.5% for spending less than $1000 or 1% for spending more than $1000.


CIMB has 3 new additions to the table – Visa Infinite, Visa Signature & World MasterCard. Of note is that 2 of them are intended for the high income-earners who have a minimum income of $120,000 per annum – Visa Infinite & World MasterCard. The basic rebate is fairly ordinary at 0.5%-1%. However, if you spend a fair bit on education, insurance, home furnishing and appliances every month and can meet the minimum requirement of $500 per transaction and 3 transactions per month, then you will be entitled to the bonus cashback for CIMB Platinum MasterCard. Do note the cap of $50 per month for the bonus rebate.

Similarly, the CIMB Visa Signature rewards you with 3.8% rebate on dining, entertainment, Visa paywave and online transactions. Of course, OCBC Frank Card gives a higher rebate of 6% for online shopping and the 365 card gives you 6% for dining on weekend, but this CIMB card provides free parking at Liang Court with any purchase and free access to True Yoga & Fitness. In addition, there’s a free airport limousine if you meet the minimum spend of $500 up to 3 months prior to departure.


Citibank has removed the 10% CITI rebate from most coffee-houses except for Starbucks. The rest of the rebates have remained status quo, but do note that DIV$ will expire in 12 months instead of 15 months, and there is a cap of $800 on the DIV$ in 12 months.


DBS SAFRA and Takashimaya Cards have been added to the list. The former is free for SAFRA members, but nothing special about this card that you can’t find in others. The Takashimaya Card comes as either an AMEX or Visa Card. Take the AMEX as the rebate is double that of the Visa. Do note you need to spend a minimum of $500 at Takashimaya before you can accrue enough points to exchange for Takashimaya vouchers. Of note is that you can get a 5% discount in Takashimaya Japan by simply waving the card and paying in cash!


HSBC Visa Platinum has remained status quo. Not the best rebate card since there is a minimum spending required per month before getting the rebate at the end of the quarter.


If you do not already know, Maybank had been pretty aggressive in morphing their credit cards to rebates cards. The Maybank DUO platinum has been added, and is a consideration for those who travel up north to Malaysia and pump petrol regularly to take advantage of the 5% discount. The Maybank eVibes is a credit card with $500 limit for students, but do note that there is a service fee if you fail to use the card at least once per month.


OCBC Frank card has restricted its list of sites for online purchases, and certain websites which used to qualify for this 6% rebate had been removed.  Also, the Nets Flashpay card will only earn you a maximum of $6 per month no matter how many times you reload it. OCBC 365 card has surprisingly extended the dining rebate to hotel dining from now till 28/2/15 – when most dining cards exclude restaurants in hotels from these rebates!

Of note is that the Robinsons card has been repackaged to provide 5% rebate at more participating brands, dining discounts at certain shops in Heeren and of course, free parking on weekends at Heeren, JEM or Raffles City.

Standard Chartered

The Manhattan Card has clearly fallen out of favour with its shrinking rebates and cannot compare with its newer competitors.


POSB Everyday Card has also fallen out of favour since its rebates for its season parking has been reduced to 1%. Mainly good for Sheng Siong and SPC supporters.


UOB’s Delight is the answer to the regular housewife who can spend up to $1000 a month at the Dairy Farm group of supermarket since the 10% rebate in SMART$ is insurmountable. However, since the rebate is in SMART$, that means the rebate can only be spent in participating shops unless cash rebates like the other cards.

After reading this lengthy article, have you found a rebate card to suit your lifestyle?

Here’s our Top 3 recommendation for Best rebate credit cards for 2015/SG50:

1. OCBC 365 Card

OCBC has been so good with its marketing strategies, especially when they have enticed people with bonus interest (up to 3.05% p.a.) with its OCBC 360 Savings account  when you spend on their credit cards and pay off the credit card bills online.

Furthermore, the cafe culture is so popular these days and most Singaporeans dine out with friends and families all the time, so there’s no problem chalking up either 3 or 6% on dining.  The other serious contender when it comes to dining is the CIMB Visa Signature with 3.8% cash rebate, but do note the minimum spending of $50 per transaction and a minimum of 3 transactions per month.

If you can’t meet the minimum spend of $600 per month, fret not as you can still spend on supermarket, online and telcos and earn a decent 3% rebate.

2. OCBC Frank/Bank of China Shop! Card

As mentioned in #Version 2, these 2 cards stand out as they offer similar privileges – excellent rebate for online shopping. OCBC Frank card provides a 6% rebate if you spend a minimum of $500 per month (otherwise just a paltry 0.5%) and the card also acts as a NETS flashpay card which means you can use it for your ERP/parking/MRT & bus rides as well as shops that accept NETS flashpay such as Cheers, Old Chang Kee etc. Note that there is a cap of $60 of rebate per month for the bonus rebate although subsequent amount above $1k will earn 0.5% rebate. Also note the cap of $6 rebate on flashpay Auto-topup per month regardless of the number of ATU that you make that month.

For Boc Shop! Card, there is a minimum spend of $500 per month as well to qualify for the bonus rebate, so anything less than $500 earns 0.5%, between $500-$1000 5.5% and >$1000 6% rebate. Note that there is a monthly cap of $100 for this card. Any shopping done in department stores also yields 5.5-6% rebate so long as you meet the minimum spending of $500.

3. UOB One Visa/Maybank Platinum Card

These 2 cards are pretty similar and are the best for people who do not eat a lot or shop a lot, yet will spend some money every month on purchases.

Both cards offer 3.33% rebate so long as there is consistent spending of minimum $300 per month for 3 months. Definitely good for people who have recurring bills to telcos, utilities, gym membership etc as you just need to do the necessary paperwork at the start and so long as your bill amounts are consistent and you are sure they do not fall below $300 per month, the rebate is as good as free money. But do take note that you will not get money if you fall short of even a few cents for a particular month in that quarter.

The UOB One Card gives $80 rebate for people who can spend up to $800 per month and the Maybank Platinum Visa offers $100 rebate for people who can spend up to $1000 per month.

Do note that the UOB One Card requires a minimum of 3 transactions per month. And for the Maybank Platinum Visa, do note that you do not earn rebate if you use this card for your EZ-link auto-topup.

Otherwise, this card should remain fuss-free for the majority of people.

What’s your favourite rebate card? Comment and let us know!


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11 Responses to What is the best rebate credit card in Singapore 2015 SG50? #Version 3

  1. cheryl says:

    What about the Amex True Cashback card?

  2. Adi Sutanto says:

    How about American Express True Cashback?

  3. Min says:

    I am thinking UOB Visa Signature is alright since it has 10X reward points i.e. 5% rebate?

    • Cheaponana says:

      Hi Min
      That’s a good suggestion, but I have reserved the list for pure rebates/cashback cards for now. The list keeps growing! I will certainly consider it for the next update!

  4. Tommy says:

    For Boc Shop! Card – dont you need to spend the minimum 500% at designated outlets?

  5. Holie says:

    Standard chartered changed their singpost card to 7% rebate for online shopping, do you think it’s better than OCBC frank?

    • Cheaponana says:

      Hi Holie!
      I think SC just changed their rebate structure. From their T&Cs, there’s no real exclusion criteria like OCBC’s Frank Card, so it looks like it may be better! But take note there will be a minimum spending of $500 per month and a cap of $50. From 1 Jul 15, the minimum spending is $600 and a cap of $60. So you can’t afford to spend too much on this card too.

  6. eujzin says:

    What abt the ANZ Optimum CC? It seems good for cashback; shopping and grocery. 5% cash rebate on Dining & Leisure, Travel, Shopping or Groceries. 1% cash rebate on all other spend
    No minimum spend and no cap on total accumulated cash rebate

    • Cheaponana says:

      Yes it certainly is quite a good deal! The card was only launched recently, so will be incorporated during the next update!

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