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Recently, I needed a couple of things for the home, and I have been googling for them. Of course, the secret ad robots online knew about this and have been flashing Lazada ads at me since then. So, I went to check the website out (for the first time, I might add).  What’s more, I needed to fulfil my minimum spending of $500 on my OCBC Frank to qualify for the 6% rebate every month (and the additional 1% interest for my OCBC 360 account), so online shopping would definitely kill 2 birds with one stone!

Below are the hits and misses for my personal shopping experience.


Shopping experience

As any experienced online shopper will know, the website design is super important in shaping your experience. It doesn’t have to be beautiful, but it does have to be neat and informative. And that is what Lazada is – functional, neat and clean.


Maybe: They have many products, but not overwhelmingly so. Many of their items are repeated items in different colors or sizes. Though it doesn’t have a huge variety of things, it does have enough to keep my attention and to return to the site again to check out new items.


Hits: Within each main category, there’s further categorizing of products. I went to the Home & Living section, which has subcategories neatly listed on the left of the page. They also have a great filter system, where you can filter by price, color and ratings. This is great for the OCD me – I love it when everything is categorized! It also means that you can very quickly get straight to what you want rather than scrolling through hundreds of webpages.


Hits: Lazada also has this “Buy Now” function that allows you to quickly add things to the card without leaving the page you’re surfing. That is super convenient, because it allows me to just throw things into the cart and compare them later before buying them. Very smart move.


Hits: Lazada also have free delivery above $40 and Cash on Delivery services. Cash on Delivery service is pretty good for those who find shopping online a dangerous adventure with credit card details entered online.


Maybe: On the downside, you might not feel like you’re in shopping heaven if you’re the kind who loves pretty sites and alluring product pictures. In short, Lazada is a functional site, but a well-designed and generally pleasing looking site.


Click click click, and I checked out with several things from Lazada. Immediately, I get a sms and email telling me my order has been placed. Great!



Hits: Amazingly fast. I got my things within 2 days of buying them, with very prompt updates to shipping status. I like being kept informed about my goods, and I find Lazada very on the ball with this. Perhaps abit too much, with all the smses!



Miss: When I got the goods, I was happy with most products but not with one. It simply didn’t look like what it did in the picture, so I checked out the return policy. This was probably more of the supplier’s problem than Lazada’s though.


Hit: I think the best thing about Lazada is the return policy and process. Amazingly, it allowed for a “change of mind” reason (only for domestic products, not international ones). Since I hadn’t used the product and met the conditions of return, I immediately filled up the return form.


Hit: Lazada proves to be great at customer service. The next day, a customer service representative called me to arrange for courier-pick up for my item. FREE! I didn’t have to absorb the cost of return nor go through the hassle of mailing it by myself. The representative quickly went through the return policy with me, and arranged for the courier. All done very efficiently and politely.


Hit: Lazada constantly communicates with you regarding your item status. Right now, as of writing this post, Lazada has just smsed me that the product is under review to ensure that it can be returned. So, I don’t know what the final decision will be, but I’m not too worried about that.

Overall: 4.0/5 

Overall, I’m pleased by my shopping experience on Lazada. The site is functional and streamlined, making the shopping experience very clean and straightforward. No massive amount of flashing advertisements and a dizzying amount of information. Plus point for me.

I also made a return because I changed my mind (free of charge!), which was also a great experience. In fact, the return experience exceeds the shopping experience. The terms and conditions of their return policy is clearly listed in their FAQ, and my experience hasn’t deviated from what was stated.


3 items on sale now at Lazada for the new year

1. Gopro Hero 4 Silver (with local warranty) 

UP $720–> $550 now (20% off)

2. Pittas Prosecco Mellesimato Gold

UP $77–>$39.90 (48% off)

3. Davidoff Coldwater EDT 125ml

UP $108–>$31.50 (71% off)

Visit Lazada now and use your OCBC Frank Card to get 6% rebates!

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