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ocbcvoyageOCBC has released yet another credit card, this time focusing their attention on mileage earners, and of course high income earners since this is a Visa Infinite card. There are 3 different version – the normal one ($120k min income), Premier Banking’ (for Premier Banking customers, $200k Assets Under Management (AUM)) & ‘Bank of Singapore’ (Bank of Singapore customers, $1 Million AUM)

What’s the earning rate?

The earn rates are as such:

2.3 Voyage miles per $1 spent in foreign currency

2.3 Voyage miles per $1 spent on dining (local or overseas)

1 Voyage mile per $1 spent locally on everything else

There is also a bonus 15000 Voyage miles upon signing up.

So what’s Voyage miles?

Voyage miles is a unique miles currency that can be used to redeem Voyage miles directly or convert to KrisFlyer miles at 1:1 ratio. The miles can be used to redeem full-fledged or budget airlines and it’s a same day redemption with no need for waitlisting. Furthermore, connecting flights, hotels and taxes can all be paid using Voyage miles (top-up using cash available too). Redemption is also free, and redeemed tickets still earn frequent flier miles! Like all other miles program, these miles never expire.

Redemption rates


The above tables are from OCBC Voyage card’s website. Apart from this reference table, there is no detailed chart showing the number of miles for redemption. Comparing this against the Krisflyer redemption chart available online:

1. Bangkok Economy (Round Trip) – 21150 Voyage Miles (VM) vs 25000 KF Saver vs 50000 KF Standard

2. Tokyo Economy (Round Trip) – 38150 VM vs 45000 KF Saver vs 90000 KF Standard

3. London Economy (Round Trip) – 59650 VM vs 70000 KF Saver vs 140000 KF Standard

4. Bangkok Business (Round Trip) – 38000 VM vs 40000 KF Saver vs 80000 KF Standard

5. London Business (Round Trip) – 218000 VM vs 160000 KF Saver vs 24000 KF Standard

6. Melbourne First Class (Round Trip) – 259000 VM vs 150000 KF Saver vs 300000 KF Standard

7. Paris First Class (Round Trip) – 400000 VM vs 215000 KF Saver vs 420000 KF Standard

Looking at the above illustration, it appears that economy class tickets are the best for redemption since the number of miles required using Voyage Miles are less than KF Saver (not to mention that you are usually subjected to the waiting list for KF Saver unless you book way in advance). For Business and First Class tickets, the number of miles needed for redemption would be somewhere in between the KF Saver and KF Standard except for near destinations like Bangkok. However, do note that KF redemptions do not allow you to earn any additional mileage when you fly whereas the Voyage mile redemptions do, so for long distance flights, it may still be worth it to redeem using Voyage miles.

Other perks

1. 2 free Plaza premium lounge visits a year

2. Free limousine transfer service with a minimum of $5000 spent a month

3. Up to $1 Million Travel Insurance


Age > 21 years old, minimum income $120k per annum.

Annual fee: SGD 488 (principal), SGD 188 (supplementary)


The OCBC Voyage card is definitely a card for the elite or asset rich due to the high income requirements. It has good miles earning rates for foreign spending and for dining at 2.3 miles per $1. The Voyage miles redemption programme looks promising with its promise of same day redemption without waitlisting and earn frequent flier miles (although class of ticket is not made known). The cost for a free limousine transfer is very steep and there are other miles cards around that are gentler on the pocket. Morever, the annual fee of $488 is very steep without any annual bonus miles unlike the other miles cards featured in my previous post here


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