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Since the last review of the best rebates credit cards in Singapore, ANZ has released a new credit card called “optimum” for rebate fanatics.

5% rebate

It offers 5% rebate in 4 separate categories – dining & leisure, travel, shopping and groceries. Once you receive your card, you need to decide which of the 4 categories you want to dedicate your card to as that will confer the 5% rebate for all your spending in that particular category. As for spending in the other 3 categories, they will earn a 1% rebate instead. More specifically, for each category, these are the places that will entitle you to earn the 5% rebate:

  • Dining & Leisure – Restaurants, hotels, bars and cinemas
  • Travel – Airlines, travel agencies and online travel portals
  • Shopping – Fashion boutiques, online fashion stores
  • Groceries – Supermarkets

Do note that hotels are included for dining, which is usually excluded for other cards!

Submission of your preferred choice

There is a dateline for submission of your preferred category which is shown in the table below:

Calendar Quarter 5% category selection due on or before (2359 Hr SG Time)
1st January to 31st March Every 25th December
1st April to 30th June Every 25th March
1st July to 30th September Every 25th June
1st October to 31st December Every 25th September

If you forget to submit on time, or do not make any requests for a preferred category, then you will only earn 1% for that quarter.

No minimum spend, cap of $600 per spend

Good news is there is no minimum spend on each purchase, and the cap is $30 rebate per transaction (meaning a cap of $600 for your purchase). In addition, there is no cap on your rebates earning, and the expiry date is 3 years. Hence, within these 3 years, you just need to chalk up a minimum of $50 before it can be used to offset your other purchases.


All in all, this is one excellent credit card meant for people who prefer cash rebate and there is no need to monitor your minimum spend per transaction or per month in order to accrue that 5% rebate. For new customers, you will receive $88 when you sign up for this card. The minimum income required is $80000 p.a.

If you are interested to find out more about this card, check out the ANZ credit cards here

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