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From 28 Sep 2015, there will be changes to the rebate structure of the Citibank Dividend Credit Card. It may be good news to some, but most likely bad news to most people.


Instead of the usual 2% rebate on dining, 5% rebate on petrol and grocery, the rebate will now be 8% if total spend for the month is $888 or more. However, failure to meet the minimum spend will mean that the rebate is 0.25%, which is the worst amongst all the rebate credit cards (see previous article on the comparison of the various rebate credit cards in Singapore). On top of that, there is a cap of $25 DIV per merchant category meaning a cap of $312.50 spent. Hence, the optimal spend will be $296 per category for petrol, grocery and dining. The obvious disadvantage will be for those who do not drive, hence to get $50 DIV from 2 categories of grocery and dining will reap a rebate of 5.63% instead of 8%, which is fairly decent as well.

A good thing is that DIVIDEND dollars earned will no longer expire.

Do you like it or hate it?

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