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Dealing with foreign currency is something every tourist will face. It is not an issue if the denominations are similar e.g. 1 USD=1.40 SGD or 1 EUR=1.60 SGD or 1 SGD=3MYR. However, when dealing with currencies with plenty of zeroes, it can be quite daunting. I had an unpleasant experience during my last trip to Vietnam, where I misread the taxi metre, lost track of the currency conversion and ended up paying 10 times the amount for the taxi fare! The below photo is an example of how one can potentially end up paying much more than one should.

Taxi metre in vietnam

Taxi metre in vietnam

Having learnt an expensive lesson, I’ve made it a point to print out this handy cheatsheet from OANDA whenever I go to countries that make me an instant millionaire! The below are examples of what you will obtain from the website in a credit-card size to be placed in your wallet. Try it next time!

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