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I believe POSB Everyday is testing out this dining category for this card, hence offering a juicy 5% rebate for dining, which is valid till the end of the year. The catch? Minimum spend of $500 per month (on anything) and cap at $50 cash rebate (i.e. max $1000). Definitely worth it if you are already using this card for petrol at SPC (6%), groceries at Sheng Siong (5%), Watsons (3%). And for those who are lucky enough to get free travel on Friday, remember to use your ezlink cards regularly (promotion over). More information on POSB website here

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3 Responses to Get 5% rebate on dining with POSB Everyday MasterCard till 31 Dec 2015

  1. rowan says:

    how does this compare to other cards with dining rebates, e.g. perhaps ocbc365?

  2. Keith says:

    is the ocbc 365 or other similar rebate cards better?

    • Cheaponana says:

      The POSB Everyday is better for weekdays as it gives you 5% whereas OCBC 365 gives you 3% for weekdays. On weekends, OCBC 365 gives you 6% hence it is better for weekends. The POSB Everyday has a minimum spending of $500 a month whreas OCBC 365 has a minimum spending of $600 a month.

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