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Time flies, and it’s been a year since the last update. Major changes over the past year include the reduction in petrol prices (but with a concomitant increase in petrol tax), hence the difference in calculation of rebate points for Caltex, Esso and Shell. Also Citibank has changed their rebate structure to up their discount from 5 to 8% (however with caveats – see previous post) hence affecting the discounts offered.


1. Caltex – SAFRA Card paired with Stanchart Xtrasaver offers the best deal for 95, but with the extra $2 per month charge for this card, is it still worth it? UOB One definitely has the best deal for 98, but for 95, it is easy to hit $500 per month of minimum spending, but $2000 a month is quite tough for most people, not to mention all 3 months in that quarter, so overall, I would rather pump at the other stations.

2. Esso – Citibank Dividend’s new rebate structure definitely win hands down provided you meet the requirements.

3. Shell – Citibank Dividend’s new rebate structure stands out again.

4. SPC – POSB Everyday Card offers a consistent 20.1% rebate if there’s 6% rebate. UOB One Card is the best amongst the lot since there is NO SMART$ accrual at SPC, but the 3.33% or 5% rebate still holds.

Overall, it’s up to the individual to decide which company he prefers since there’s individual preference when it comes to the selection of the brand or the type of petrol. However, from time to time, if there are coupon discounts, these would be great in reducing the petrol prices that you pay!

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