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ATU2016aSince the last revision last year, there has been a new addition – Bank of China Family Card, which has perks fairly similar to the Citibank Cash Back credit card (previously known as Dividend Card) – 7% rebate for dining, 5% for groceries and hospital bills and Auto-Topup for NETS Flashpay (This credit card serves as a NETS Flashpay card as well). However, there is a $0.50 fee per top-up so to maximise it, top up $50 each time, and you still get a net 4% rebate if you hit the $500 every month.

UOB One is the next best card which offers a flat $50 rebate per quarter if you hit a minimum spending of $500 per month for the entire quarter, making that 3.33% rebate. Now, you can top-up up to $40 at the station without opting for auto top-up function. Currently, there is a promotion where you will receive $1 rebate if you use your UOB card to top-up $40 at the General Ticketing Machine at the MRT station, and $2 rebate when you top up S$40 with your UOB MasterCard/Visa Cards on UOB Mighty/Apple Pay. Do note this promotion is limited to the first 20,000 eligible UOB MasterCard Cardmembers and the first 20,000 eligible UOB Visa Cardmembers and limited to one (1) cash rebate per month per eligible Cardmember. (Updated 1/8/16: Auto top-ups for Ezlink and Nets Flashpay are not eligible for UOB One rebate anymore following the revision of T&C) Nevertheless, make use of this new promotion where you get 4.375% rebate ($2-$0.25 processing fee out of $40) when you topup with your UOB Mighty or Apple Pay every month! [Terms and Conditions here]

OCBC Frank gives 3% rebate but you need to fulfil the $400 offline shopping if not you will get a miserable 0.3% rebate.

However, if you want to keep things simple without any minimum spending, then use POSB Everyday card which gives a flat 2% per topup or  Citibank SMRT (Updated 1/8/16: POSB everydayday card no longer gives 2% rebate for ATU – kinda ashamed that they did not send any information to their cardmembers! Hence it will be a measly 0.3% rebate). For Citibank SMRT, the rebate is 1.7% if you fail to spend $600 per month, otherwise 2% rebate is yours. Both Citibank and DBS/POSB will continue to waive the $0.25 fee for auto-top up for now.


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4 Responses to Best credit card for EZ-link or Nets Flashpay card top-up Version 3

  1. oceanicmanta says:

    EZ reload generally refers to EZ link card, not NFP ATU
    Not entirely sure if either EZ Reload or NFP ATU using UOB One card is eligible as minimum spend for the 3.33% rebate … thot there was a revision in terms a few months back

  2. Nitin says:

    Hi Cheaponana, keep up the good work, I always follow your articles for credit card lobangs.

    Just wanted to update, starting May 2016, Posb everyday card doesnt give 2% rebate for ezlink. It has been downgraded to 0.3%. So Citi SMRT is the only one where can keep things simple and earn 1.7%. That is my current ATU card. 🙂

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