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androidpayAfter Apple pay hit our shores in May (see previous summary here), there was Samsung pay, and now Android pay. It is similar to Apple pay, where you save your credit card details to this app called Android Pay (downloadable from Google Play store). Unlike Apple pay and Samsung pay which require you to have the newer generation phones, Android pay is compatible with any Android phones that have NFC (Near-Field Communications) wireless technology and runs on Android 4.4 mobile operating system or later.


Even though the banner states 4 banks in Singapore that supports Android pay, only 3 of them have promotions at the moment. Standard Chartered is still the most generous which gives 20% rebate with a cap of $50 per cardmember, but note that you should only spend $250 maximum as any excess will not get you any extra rebate.

Take note that the promotions only run till end Jul for OCBC and Standard Chartered, whereas DBS/POSB will continue till 30/9/16. Happy tapping!



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