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Everyone loves promo codes, ’cause that can help reduce your cost substantially and result in greater savings. Grab has been very aggressive in the past month, judging from the various compaigns and promo codes that they have come up now.

If you are travelling to and fro near a train station on the North-South or North-East line, you are in luck! Simply use the code “WHYWALK” and you can enjoy $5 off your Grabcar ride. [Hopefully users on the other MRT lines will enjoy a similar promotion some day!] Do note that you need to key in the MRT station as either your start or end point. Each person is entitled to 5 rides (which is pretty generous), and limited to the first 5000 rides per day.

Offer ends 2 Sep 2016!

If you do not have a GRAB account, sign up through this link here and get a free $8 credit for your first trip!

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