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The last time Citibank SMRT credit card revised their benefits and terms and conditions was in Jan 2015 (see previous post here). This round, there have been no publicity regarding the change in benefits. The full details are available here. The following table shows the changes:



  1. Minimum spend – The previous minimum spend was $600 per month to earn the extra 0.3% rebate. Now it has been halved to $300, making it easier to earn that 0.3% rebate.
  2. Annual cap has been raised from 280 SMRT$ to 600 SMRT$, so you benefit more.
  3. Groceries – The earn rate is the same but Citi rebate is only available for Sheng Siong only and this is across the board for all citibank credit cards.
  4. Coffee & Edutainment – Now movies and selected dining palaces (mainly fast food) are included, so any option for dining in these places
  5. Online spend – New category that’s just been added. 3% for non-travel related item. Not the best since there are other better cards for online shopping (see previous post on Best credit card for online shopping)


I think this update is all for the better – less spending, higher annual cap, more categories to spend on! If you would like to get this credit card,  check out this promotion from Singsaver, where you get a $100 NTUC voucher if you are new to Citibank! Other cards on promotion include American Express True Cash Back or CapitaCard, ANZ Optimum or OCBC Frank Card, where you can choose between a $50 Starbucks card or NTUC voucher – and this is applicable to existing customers of the various banks!

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