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I wrote an article on Cardup previously explaining how we can use our credit cards to pay off our income tax, and earn either miles or cash rebate this way. There have been a couple of changes over the past couple of weeks and these would be highlighted below. Previously I divided the types of cards that could be used for Cardup into 2 groups:

i) For the miles savvy

  1. UOB Preferred Platinum Visa no longer earns 4 miles per $

UOB Preferred Platinum Visa was the sole miles card that could generate 4 miles per $1 for Cardup transactions, and this has become a thing of the past as of 3 July 17 when they updated their Terms & Conditions. Now they give 10x per $ or 4 mpd (miles per S$1) for “Selected online transactions” which refer to “Department Stores and Retail Stores, Supermarkets, Dining and Food Delivery, Entertainment and Ticketing” and thus Cardup is excluded.  Under the exclusion list is the same group of websites that you can topup your ezlink or brokerage accounts:

• EZ Link Transport;
• EZ Link Pte Ltd (FEVO);
• EZ Link (Imagine Card);
• EZLink;
• EZ-Link EZ-Reload (ATU) ;
• FlashPay ATU;
• MB * Moneybookers.com;
• Oandaasiapa;
• Oanda Asia Pac;
• Paypal * Bizconsulta;
• Paypal * Oandaasiapa;
• Paypal * Capitalroya;
• Saxo Cap Mkts Pts Ltd;
• SKR * Skrill.com;
• Transit Link PL;
• TL_ABT*;
• www.igmarkets.com.sg

2. Make use of Citibank’s premiermiles mega miles promotion

Fortunately, for July and August, Citibank Premiermiles visa card has this mega miles promotion where you get up to 3.27 mpd if you spend $3000 + pay an administrative fee of $58 to get 10000 miles, or 4.54 miles when you spend $9000 and pay an administrative fee of $238 to get 42000 miles! No one knows what the admistrative fee is for, but this is the sure way to accelerate your miles while using this credit card to clear some of your bills! Refer to this article if you want the full story.

ii) For the cashback chasers

I actually missed out the Standard Chartered Singpost Visa Card which earns a respectable 7% rebate on online spending! That’s the best in this category and this will be added to the list below:

  1. Bank of China Family Visa Card
    1. Gives 5% rebate for online purchases
    2. Capped at $100 per billing cycle (Meaning you can only spend $2000 a month)
    3. Minimum spend of $500 per billing cycle
  2. UOB One Visa
    1. Rebate varies from 3.33-5%, need to maintain that tier of spending per month for a quarter
    2. Spend either $500 or $1000 a month for a quarter (minimum 5 transactions – gone up from the previous 3 transactions!) to get $50 or $100 rebate (that’s 3.33% rebate)
    3. To get $300 rebate, you need to spend $2000 a month for a quarter to get the 5% rebate
  3. Standard Chartered Singpost  Platinum Visa Card
    1. Gives 7% rebate for online purchases
    2. Capped at $60/statement (Meaning you should spend $875 per month at most)
    3. Minimum spend of $600 per month

The Cardup staff have been trying their best to get more banks onboard and will email if a certain card like UOB PP Visa has changed their T&C. If you are keen to try Cardup, use the promocode “IVANC88” when you schedule a payment. For instance, if you want to pay your income tax through Cardup, you will arrive at the page below, so key in the promo code “IVANC88” and you will receive a $20 discount off the Cardup fee when you make your first transaction!


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2 Responses to An update for the cards you may use for Cardup’s transactions

  1. MM says:

    Hi, thanks for the post – really informative! Just a query for clarification:

    I’m a UOB One card holder and was wondering if I could top up my ez link via cardup to count towards the min. spend (e.g. $500) as part of the criteria for the account interest? How would the transaction appear on the card statement?


    • Cheaponana says:

      Hi David,

      1. There’s no option to topup your ezlink via cardup
      2. It appears as transaction called cardup
      3. You can consider topping up your ezlink with UOB card at the GTM machines in the train stations


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