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Just saw this awesome promotion which is not found on DBS Multiplier website (try googling and see!). During your birthday month, if you are amongst the first 100 customers to sign up, you will enjoy bonus interest up to 8X your preferential interest if you spend at least $1000 on your credit cards!

This was the example highlighted in the Terms & Conditions:
Ms Jane Tan’s birthday is in March. Based on her eligible transactions in March 2017, she qualified for higher interest at 2.68% p.a., which is credited to her in 2 parts: (i) base interest of S$2.10, and (ii) preferential interest of S$111.60.
In March, she also registered to participate in this Promotion. Her Qualifying Card Spend was S$7,300.
Birthday Multiplier she enjoys: 5x

Total Preferential Interest – S$111.60 x 5 = S$558

This promotion runs till 31/12/17. Only good for those who have yet to pass their birthdays!

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