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From 9-12 Sep, Shopback is celebrating Rewards Day 9.9, where cashbacks are upsized! Check out their popular stores below where the cashback is definitely higher than the usual period.

I was looking specifically for travel deals and noted the following good deals:

-Booking.com (9% instead of 6%)

-Hotels.com (11% instead of 6%)

Another one that caught my eye since I was looking at travel related items was FWD insurance (check my previous article on the importance of travel insurance here). $4.50 cashback for a cheap insurance plan starting from $9 (use FWD25 for 25% off now!) equates to 50% cashback! Don’t stinge on this tiny amount of money as you may end up spending more if you fall sick or end up with unexpected travel delays or damaged/lost luggages – you can potentially get some money back or even profit from it!

If you are not a Shopback member yet, click on this link to sign up to get $5 free! Then, remember to use the individual shop links from shopback’s website or mobile app!

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