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The Bank of China Family Card has been one of my favourite cards for online shopping and also for accruing spending to earn bonus interest for my Bank of China SmartSaver account (read previous reviews here: BoC Family CardSmartSaver account).

However, the problem with BOC is their website.

It is not updated as frequently as it should be. And now, there have been some changes in their website here which most people would have missed since there was no indication of any updates!

It is stated that “Monthly cash rebate for BOC Family Card is capped at S$100 per billing cycle (Family Cash Rebate for online purchases is capped at S$30). Additional cash rebate for BOC Family Supplementary Card spend on other purchases is capped at S$20 per billing cycle. Total cash rebate is up to S$1,440 a year. Spend categories are defined according to universal merchant codes (MCC) assigned by VISA. Other terms and conditions apply.”

However, they did send out an SMS recently with a link which is available here.

A $30 cap on rebate for online shopping means one should only spend a maximum of $600 for online shopping each month. There goes the end of this credit card for online shopping. The use of this card for Cardup payments is also only good for small amounts <$600.

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