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If you are a miles seeker and not a Mileslife member yet, then it’s time to jump onto the bandwagon!

Now, Mileslife has a promotion with AMEX credit cards where you earn 2X Bonus Krisflyer miles when you spend on mileslife with AMEX.

Morever, if you sign up for an AMEX credit card through mileslife, you earn an additional welcome bonus of 2500 Krisflyer miles upon first spend on the credit card! (PS: The normal welcome bonus is 5000, so now you get 7500 krisflyer miles once you use this credit card!)

How to qualify for this Amex promotion?

Apply for the Card between 1st September to 31st October 2017 (both dates inclusive) and receive approval for the Card by 30th November 2017

-Make first spend on Card within the first three months of Card membership!

How to sign up for Mileslife?

The regular signup bonus for Mileslife is 1,000 miles after a spend of S$39 (take note that you need to sign up through a referral link and not just download the app – you will get NO BONUS MILES). Remember to use the referral code Fg9FJa (to enter in the Account-Voucher section), to get 1000 miles after a S$39 spend. Just key it in before you make any purchases or add in your frequent flier account.

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