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The Citibank Rewards Credit Card (available in both Visa and MasterCard) is my favourite card when it comes to shopping as it yields a handsome 10X rewards or 4 miles per dollar. As you can see in the diagram below, any departmental store or retail store or website selling clothes, shoes and bags with the below Merchant Category Codes (MCC) qualify for 4 miles per dollar. The only catch is there is a cap of 120,000 Rewards points per card anniversary year. (NOT the end of the year)

Right now, you can double the miles accrual and get 8 miles per dollar (20X rewards) when you shop at Amazon Prime Now or Lazada . However, do note that there is a cap of 20000 Rewards points for this promotion, meaning you should not spend anything more than $1000 as that will not earn you extra miles or points!Also, in case you are not aware, there are some promo codes that are available for use on Lazada, which yields greater savings! The codes for use are OFFICIALCITIUP for 12% capped at $20, and EXPRESSCITIUP for $6 off with minimum spend of $30. Do note that there are limited codes per day, so do be patient and try again if you don’t get it the first time!

Alternatively, you can use Shopback to get extra cashback when you shop at Lazada and Amazon Prime Now as well. Do note that Shopback excludes the use of promo codes that are not on their website. If you do not have a Shopback account yet, click here to sign up and get a $10 bonus instead of the usual $5!



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