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It is a wonderful experience to be sitting in a lounge sipping wine (or non-alcoholic beverages in some), surfing the internet on the free WIFI, browsing through the papers or magazines, or munching on the various complimentary food options while you wait for time to pass before walking to the departure gate to board your flight.

However, if you do not have a frequent flier status (usually a Gold status or equivalent for the various alliances) or a Priority Pass card, then you will probably have to either walk around the airport and shop or look around to find an empty seat in the airport to while time.

Worse still, if the flight is delayed for whatever reason e.g. the recent Bali volcano eruption, the airport may be so packed while people are awaiting further instructions from the airlines!

Now, there is this little known secret called the “Mastercard Flight Delay Pass” which you can try each time you fly (capped at 2 registrations per Mastercard), provided you book your air tickets with a Mastercard. It is not an automatic process, so once you’ve booked your tickets, you can go to the Mastercard Flight Delay Pass website, enter your credit card number, handphone number and flight details immediately and no later than 6 hours before departure.

Of course, this is not a free pass to the lounge if all goes well. But should the flight be delayed by more than 2 hours, they will send you a SMS and email with a Mastercard Flight Delay Pass which will entitle you to complimentary airport lounge access. Simply present your lounge access email or SMS at any eligible lounge to redeem your complimentary admission. If you are travelling with your family members, then up to 4 of you can enjoy the lounge at the same time in the event of a flight delay, provided you are using a World (Elite) Mastercard.

As you can see, everything is automated, so you do not have to do anything except wait for the SMS or email. Of course, the first 2 hours may be agonising for some people, but imagine if you need to wait for 6 hours for the rescheduled flight and you have no lounge access! At least there’s a chance that you may be able to shower once you get hold of this Lounge Pass!

In order to find out what lounges are available, check out the Loungekey Lounge Finder website here and you will find the participating lounges.

The FAQs may be found through this link.

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