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Mileslife had a similar promotion last week (see previous post here) where you get double the amount of Krisflyer Miles for your spending on dining or travel! Then, there was no mention which credit card you had to use. From now till 31 Mar 18, if you own a Maybank credit card, then you are in luck and you can make use of this promotion to get up to 6 miles per dollar when you spend on Mileslife.

My first thought was to use Maybank Horizon Visa since that can clock 3.2 mpd for dining. However, Mileslife may not use the same merchant code as the restaurant. As such, it may be easier to use a rebate card like Maybank Platinum Visa or the Maybank Visa Infinite to clock an additional 1.2 mpd instead.

Click here to sign up if you do not have an account yet and get a bonus 1000 miles!

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